Working Well in Teams

A huge amount of organisational activity is carried on by people working in teams and groups. Teams need to function very well if they are to achieve their collective task and deal with the challenges and changes in their organisation, and if every individual in the team is to feel able to play his or her part fully.

“Your excellent facilitation skills and ability to encourage individuals to self reflect and challenge their own beliefs and attitudes has provided us with a sound foundation on which to build and develop strong working relationships within our team. I would highly recommend you to any team leader who is leading a team at a time of change, as your professionalism, in-depth knowledge and understanding of team dynamics and individuals' behaviour can only enhance a team's chances of success.”
Pat Millar, Learning and Development Manager, NHS Tayside

Many things can affect a team's ability to work optimally. These include:

Mayfield Consulting offers facilitation to teams of all sizes and at all levels of an organisation. Our approach to team facilitation is guided more by listening and responding to the ‘here and now of the team’ than by prescribed agendas. We aim to provide an environment in which team members can genuinely share the dilemmas they face; recognise the validity of each member’s position; confront difficulties openly; and, with our help, figure out how they can tackle difficulties together and what part each member needs to play.

We can provide:

“There were a number of difficulties in our team before your work with us, but things have improved greatly. There's a lot more openness and we've really settled down. We've been able to cope with a big expansion in staff numbers and workload, and I think this is partly due to the way you helped us deal with some difficult questions.”
Team Leader, Further Education College