Speaking Even More Successfully

This is an advanced 2-day course in public speaking and presentations. It is aimed at people who are already competent and experienced in giving public talks and presentations, and who wish to transform their whole delivery and dramatically improve their sense of confidence when speaking or presenting in public.

“An excellent Course”

The course enables participants to work actively on their personal delivery and personal effectiveness when speaking in public. Using a coaching model, we enable people to recognise and tackle underlying psychological and emotional blocks which ‘get in the way’ of giving creative and impactful talks.

“Very demanding but worthwhile”

Depending on group size, during the two days of the course, each person will deliver to the training group at least two talks. Individual coaching by the course trainer, involving active support by group members, takes place between talks, so that subsequent talks are delivered from a new place of learning, awareness and confidence.

The course can be delivered in groups of 6-8 people.

“Challenging, stimulating and most enjoyable”

Speaking Even More Successfully has been delivered both in-house and to participants from different organisations, and always to huge acclaim for its transformative effect on people’s confidence and presentational impact.

“The trainer was excellent and so encouraging. I learnt such a vast amount”