Leadership Development

“Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others.” (Lance Secretan)

Since the 1980s, concepts of leadership have gone through a paradigm shift. Whereas previously leadership was thought of in terms of top-down orders and control, the pace of change affecting today's organisations means that detailed control and oversight is something that most leaders can no longer afford to spend time on. Whilst leaders need good managerial skills, they also need something more. Today's leaders are likely to work more through influence. There is more emphasis on their visionary and strategic role; on working in teams; on giving staff a sense of direction whilst allowing innovative practice to flourish; & on leading clearly through change & uncertainty.

To be this kind of leader needs a considerable degree of personal effectiveness and people skills. Not surprisingly, emotional intelligence has come to be high on the agenda. The kind of qualities today's leadership agenda calls for include:

“You created a little magic with us in Scotland. It makes you very special.”
Participants, National Australia Bank Group (Transformational Leadership Programme)

At Mayfield Consulting, we offer a number of approaches to help leaders and aspiring leaders in today's climate. We excel at helping people develop self awareness and truly effective inter-personal skills; to understand and work effectively with the dynamics of their organisation; and to make strategic decisions with the fullest understanding of what is involved.

We provide:

“This was one of the best staff development events we'd ever attended. It was a challenging experience; we have learnt about ourselves and been able to develop new strategies and support processes.”
Staff from Fife College, about one of our Leadership Skills courses