Interpersonal & Group Working

Enabling everyone's fullest contribution

Good relationships at work are key to good performance. Most people feel enabled to give of their best when they experience working in an environment which is genuinely supportive: where mutual respect prevails; where they can talk openly; and where their own - and other people's - skills, points of view and personal qualities are valued.

Good communication and mutual respect don't always just ‘happen'. Usually they require an active commitment to build and consistent attention to sustain. Breakdowns in these areas often result in situations which can be highly problematic for the organisation: such as persistent unresolved conflict; bullying and harassment; or a constant atmosphere of unease and distrust.

“Our sessions have been enormously beneficial for me. You've helped me deal with a difficult working relationship much better than I could have hoped. I've gained insight into myself, and have been able to make a major career decision as a result. Thank you.”
Local Authority Head of Service

Sometimes, people don't recognise there's a problem till real symptoms emerge; symptoms such as:

Mayfield Consulting has long experience of working in this sensitive area. With our in-depth understanding of human and emotional dynamics and how these manifest in organisational contexts, we can intervene sensitively and skilfully to help people at all levels develop the insight they need to manage and sustain skilful relationships.

“One of the most useful things out of our sessions was putting myself in someone else's shoes and gauging how I would react in their position. Developing listening skills was very important.”
Employee Relations Manager, An engineering company

Supports we can offer include: