Developing Personal & Interpersonal Skills

In today’s organisational environment, the need for high quality personal and inter-personal skills, especially for managers and leaders, has never been higher. Team working and partnership working constantly challenge working relationships, and managing yourself and others through the continuous changes of organisational direction can be highly stressful. Pressures to ‘achieve end results’ can dominate, at the expense of the kind of working relationships through which those results will be gained.

There are many indicators that an organisation needs to give serious attention to the quality of personal, inter-personal skills and managerial skills in the organisation:

“Our sessions have been enormously beneficial for me. You’ve helped me deal with a difficult working relationship much better than I could have hoped. I’ve gained insight into myself, and have been able to make a major career decision as a result. Thank you.”
Local Authority Head of Service

Mayfield Consulting has long expertise in this field and there are various kinds of support we offer:

“One of the most useful things out of our sessions was putting myself in someone else's shoes and gauging how I would react in their position. Developing listening skills was very important.”
Employee Relations Manager, engineering company

Personal development (see alsoCoaching & Mentoring)
Working with individuals over short or long term periods to develop their self-awareness and their capacity to reflect on how they handle difficult situations; and to support them in developing alternative approaches which have better outcomes.

Inter-personal facilitation
Tackling difficulties in working relationship between two or more individuals; increasing understanding of each other’s position; and helping them reach informed agreements over tackling issues.

Peer Group learning (see alsoAction Learning Sets)
Running ‘sets’ of staff or managers over a period of time. Sets are highly effective in developing a shared peer learning culture, as well as in developing members’ abilities to think together about workplace-based issues, and to give and receive helpful feedback.

Team consultations (see alsoWorking Well in Teams)
Working with teams to help them get to grips with underlying issues in the team or the workplace which may be hampering their performance.