Organisational Constellations

Recognising the bigger picture

Organisational constellations are an innovative and living method of seeing below the surface of an organisational issue or dilemma into the systemic forces that are shaping and affecting that issue. An organisational constellation does not “solve” an organisation’s problems; instead, by making available information on a much wider canvas about what is affecting an issue, it dramatically increases insight and expands the possibilities of new interventions and decisions.

An organisational constellation works on the premise that, in any individual organisational problem, complex dynamics and inter-relationships involving different parts of the organisation are involved. A constellation works to bring these dynamics to light, allowing what is normally invisible or half-known to be viewed and experienced in real space and time, and for experiments to be made that can point the way to potential solutions.

Constellations are usually run in workshops involving ten or more people, though adapted methods can be used in small groups or in one-to-one coaching/mentoring. In a workshop, a participant “presents” an issue, and other participants then stand, or “represent”, key elements of the issue, thus forming a three-dimensional map. As representatives progressively self-observe and report on their sensory and emotional experiences in the constellation, the underlying dynamics of this issue are vividly brought to life and potential interventions can be explored.

Organisational constellations are a valuable resource to organisational leaders, managers, developers and consultants who want to: