Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring support plays a vital part in most leading organisations dealing with growth and change. The twin challenges - of keeping an organisation strategically focussed and of developing and sustaining the working relationships needed to sustain that - mean that few people at executive, senior or managerial level will not benefit at some point from dispassionate one-to-one input.

“Having you as a sounding board made a critical difference to me when I was facing a significant business decision. You helped me understand other people's mindsets, and that saved me from making a very expensive mistake.”
Mary Campbell, Executive Director, Blas Corporate Finance

Coaching and mentoring is essentially a highly tailored form of personal and professional support. It works in two key ways:

My aim in coaching is to provide first and foremost a 'safe space' in which an individual can relax, feel free to talk about whatever is on his or her mind, and be open to looking at challenging issues from other angles. I have over 15 years' experience of coaching and mentoring at all levels in organisations. With a background in psychotherapy, and years of studying organisational dynamics, I offer clients a combination of skills that are challenging, supportive and 'tuned-in' to the ways different individuals experience themselves and their organisational world.

A key part of this work is to establish a trusting personal relationship with each client. When an individual feels that her/his uniqueness is recognised, s/he is readier to explore in greater depth the issues and personal challenges s/he faces.

“The problem we've worked through has dogged my organisation for over 20 years. I couldn't possibly have dealt with it without your support.”
Chief Officer, A national charity

I can help you, as one of Mayfield Consulting's coaching & mentoring clients, to: