Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets are a powerful vehicle for personal, professional and organisational development. They offer a vital shared space in which individuals can openly explore issues they are grappling with at work, and where they can draw on genuine support from peers to engage with issues of personal and professional challenge.

With our experience as coaches and mentors, and our understanding of group dynamics, we offer an exceptional level of expertise in relation to setting up and facilitating Action Learning Sets. We have run Sets in a wide variety of settings, internally and externally, as part of wider programmes and free-standing. We act as consultants and trainers for others wishing to develop the skills of facilitating ALSs; particularly valuable as a way of developing an organisation's internal resources.

“Your approach is calm and quiet and yet extraordinarily powerful in enabling individuals to gain insight into their approach to complex work-related issues.
NHS Organisational Development Manager

We can run Sets in different forms to meet different organisational development needs and objectives. Sets can be:

“We have developed trust in our Set which enables us to discuss work-related issues without feeling threatened. Between meetings, I can call on the support of others in the group over particular issues. The good practice of other members has rubbed off on me with beneficial effects for my organisation.
Head of a not-for-profit organisation

These are some of the purposes Sets can fulfil:

Action Learning for Personal & Professional Change

Members focus on the personal and professional behaviours needed to be effective in their current jobs and career aspirations. They bring live issues from their work to learn how to approach these issues differently. There is a strong emphasis on developing interpersonal skills through challenging and supportive feedback.

Action Learning for Team & Group Enhancement

Here we focus on group learning within the frame of the organisational task. Members bring issues related to particular themes live in their organisation and we examine how team performance is affected. The emphasis is on building a common language and strengthening the basis for collaborative action.

Action Learning for Leadership

These Sets emphasise developing key leadership skills required by the organisation. They enable members to integrate leadership learning and to help each other grow into leadership roles through honestly sharing on the dilemmas that people experience.